Are you thinking of buying a new laptop, desktop or Tablet? Here are some points to consider before going out and making your purchase.

Should I buy a Desktop? 

-You can share a desktop with the entire family with many user accounts.

-Less likely to spill water or liquids on it and destroying  your new laptop or tablet.

– More office like feeling, Less portable, so you are more likely to sit down and do some work!

-Easier to add extra monitors for photo editing, excel spread sheets, graphic design or trading stocks.

-Less expensive to fix rather than a laptop.

Should I buy a Laptop?

– Excellent for portability.

-Excellent idea for traveling to pass time.

-Use anywhere in the house, backyard, garage.

-Taking work home with you becomes easier with a laptop.

Or should I buy a Tablet?

-Small amount of money to put out, may different models!

-Very portable and ultra small.

-Tablets  easily fit in your bag, briefcase or luggage.

-Perfect for music or picture sharing on the patio, garage or deck.

-Do not buy a tablet if you think it will replace your laptop, It wont!

Here are some of the features to consider:

-Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet

-What is the processor speed, and how many core does it have? Duel Core, Quad Core…?

-The memory included and if its expandable or not

-Hard Drive size, and is it a solid state Hard Drive?

-How big is the screen?

-Does it have a cd drive? Blue ray, CD RW?

-Ethernet Port?

-Wireless capabilities?


-Any HDMI or Digital display ports?

-Which Operating System does it use? Android, iOS, Android, Windows ?

Do you still need some advise? Here at Forest City Computers, we can make your decisions a lot easier. If you need advise , please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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