If your MacBook screen is cracked, broken or damaged in any way, and the repair quote from your Mac dealer seems unrealistically high, we can help you! At ForestCity Computers, we replace LCD screens and glass screens efficiently and effectively at a cost that’s easier on your budget.

We fix MacBook screens for the entire family of MacBook laptops from 2007 onwards: MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Screen damage can include weird artifacts on the display. If you have an intact display under a bunch of cracks, the glass might be broken (see glass panel repairs). E-Mail us to get a free quote today!

Glass Panel Repairs

Since 2008 MacBooks come with a protective glass panel on top of the actual screen. If you take your Macbook to Apple stores with a cracked glass panel, they’ll probably say you need to replace the entire display assembly, and charge you some astonishing fee. ForestCity Computers offers solely glass replacements without reaching deeply into your wallet! Just let us know your Macbook model!

We offer same-day repair for most Mac models. A MacBook screen repair can be completed while you’re doing errands at the mall, and most other repairs can be done within 1 or 2 hours (depending on your Mac computer model)

How do you get your prices so low?

From time to time we receive letters from our customers with questions about how we manage to maintain such low prices.
Here is an example of a letter from one of our customers, followed by an explanation (only the name of the buyer has been changed, everything else is in it’s original form, without any changes):

“I have a MacBook Pro 13, which I bought in July 2007. Earlier this week, it got it’s screen cracked, I took it to the store Apple, where I was told that the replacement of the screen will cost $800.

I decided to search the internet and found your site. I was amazed that you are selling screens for Macbook at such low prices.

As of now, I’m just collecting information to make a reasonable decision – I do not want to pay $800 to Apple, to fix the screen.

How can you assure the low price? Is it possible that you will not have such a model which is compatible with my MacBook?

I am a little pressed for time, because I need my computer as soon as possible for school. I would be very grateful if you answer me as soon as possible!



1. What you need to know first:
Screens that we sell are exactly the same ones used by notebook manufacturers.
Production of LCD screen – is not a simple process, so the problem of fake LCD screens simply does not exist!

2. Moving on: Why do laptop manufacturers quote such high prices?
The technical data on laptop screens is not publicly available. Without this information it is very difficult to determine the compatibility of different LCD models with different laptops. Notebook manufacturers are trying hard to not disclose this information. This allows them to display any favorable to them price, therefore nobody really knows what they are selling, and as a result there isn’t any competition.
In addition, a few years ago, LCD screens were really expensive because of the cost of the manufacturing.
Back then paying $800 for the MacBook screen was considered a bit expensive, but at the same time acceptable.
We sold such screens at $600 including installation.

Today everything is different – the price of LCD production fell drastically. Information on compatibility is no longer a secret. This led to a greater availability of screens, but strangely enough, the laptop manufacturers did not wish to lower their prices in the pursuit of high profits.

3. Why our prices are better than competitors’ prices?
Today there are many intermediary companies that sell LCD screens, including us, but we are the leaders of the market.
We can keep prices lower than our competitors because of higher volumes, while retaining a high level of service!