Laptops are an important part of our lives, allowing us to work and stay connected from anywhere. But, like any technology, there are certain mistakes you can make with laptops that can lead to problems. 

Some of these mistakes can be easily avoided with a little knowledge and preparation, while others are more serious and can cause serious damage. Knowing what these mistakes are and how to avoid them can help you make sure that your laptop is running at its best. Here are some of the most common laptop usage mistakes people often make.

1) Letting it Overheat

Letting your laptop overheat is one of the most common usage mistakes that can be detrimental to your laptop. This occurs when your laptop is running too hot and needs to be cooled down. 

Overheating can cause a number of problems, including damage to the internal components, slow performance, and even complete system failure. It is important to be mindful of the temperature of your laptop and make sure that it is not running too hot. If it is, take steps to cool it down such as using a laptop cooling pad or turning off the laptop and allowing it to rest for a while.

2) Moving the Unit While Running a Hard Disk Drive

Moving the unit while running a hard disk drive is one of the most common mistakes that can be detrimental to your laptop. While a laptop’s hard drive is running, it is constantly spinning, and any movement of the laptop, such as when you try to move it while the drive is still running, can cause the drive to be damaged. 

This can result in loss of data, or in extreme cases, physical damage to the hard drive. It is best to ensure that the laptop is completely shut down before attempting to move it, to avoid any potential damage to the hard drive.

3) Mangling the Cord

Mangling the cords is a common mistake that can have serious consequences for your laptop. This involves wrapping the cords too tightly and knotting them, which can cause the wires to fray, leading to short circuits and damage.

It can also cause damage to the connectors and ports, reducing the longevity of your laptop. To avoid this, it’s important to keep cords neatly organized and always use a gentle touch when handling them.

4) Mishandling the Unit

Mishandling the unit is one of the most common mistakes that can be detrimental to your laptop. This includes dropping or bumping it, as well as putting too much stress on the components by placing too much weight on them. Mishandling the unit can cause physical damage to the laptop and potentially cause parts to malfunction or break. 

To prevent damage from mishandling, it is important to handle the laptop with care and avoid dropping or bumping it. Additionally, you should avoid placing any unnecessary weight on the laptop to prevent any damage.

5) Not Traveling with Proper Casing

Not travelling with the proper casing is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to taking care of your laptop. When using a laptop, it is important to store it in the right type of case to ensure the laptop is adequately protected while on the move. Investing in a good-quality laptop case that is designed to fit your laptop snugly and provide extra padding to protect it from any bumps or shocks during transit is essential. 

Not only will it help to protect your laptop from any accidental damage, but it will also help to reduce the amount of dust and debris that can get inside the laptop when travelling.


Taking care of your laptop is essential in order to ensure it is working properly and lasts as long as possible. To prevent any potential damage and ensure your laptop is working properly, it is important to take measures to protect it. Should you encounter any problems, it’s best to turn to a professional.

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