I get customers that call or come in to my store daily with broken laptop screens, They will always ask me if its an original part, for example is it a Dell screen or an Hp Screen?

All laptop manufactures will use 4 main suppliers to install screens in their laptops. They are:

1) Samsung
2) LG
3) Chi Mei,
4) Au Optronics

The screens we install are brand new and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and a 90 day installation warranty.

Laptop screens are damaged or cracked very easily.


  • Have liquids, especially sweet, sticky drinks like soda, nearby when using your laptop. Spills can cause serious damage to the machine and can be costly to repair.
  • Crush your laptop by stuffing too many books around it inside your backpack.
  • Pile heavy objects on top of it.
  • Drop, jar, or bump your laptop.
  • Pick up or hold your laptop by the screen, or scratch, twist, hit, or push the surface of the display.
  • Leave a pen or pencil on your laptop when you close it. Doing so will break the screen.
  • Disassemble or attempt to repair your laptop yourself.
  • Leave the laptop’s base resting directly on your body (your legs or torso) for an extended period of time. It can get hot!
  • Use your laptop in or near water.
  • Use or store your laptop at temperatures above 95 degrees F or below 41degrees F. Which means don’t leave it in your car.
  • Place your laptop closer than five inches from any electrical appliance that generates a strong magnetic field, such as a television, refrigerator, etc.
  • Touch the lens on the CD-ROM tray or the surface of the compact disk.

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