I get customers that call or come in to my store daily asking me the same question ” Should I repair my Laptop/Desktop/Mac or just purchase another one”

Im against purchasing a new Laptop/Desktop/Mac just because it needs servicing, I’ll explain why.

When you purchase a new Laptop/Desktop/Mac, it only usually comes standard with a one year warranty. Standard warranty will not cover many items that I see come in my store every day( Cracked screens, Viruses, Water damage, to name a few)

If any of the above happens to your NEW Laptop/Desktop/Mac, then your stuck in the same position your started in, basically now you have 2 Laptop/Desktop/Mac with similar issues.

Big Box stores will charge you astronomical prices to ” Set Up” your new Laptop/Desktop/Mac computer for you, usually ranges from ( $69-$199).

What will happen to all your data ( pictures, resumes, music,tax information and returns) and all your programs? ( Microsoft Office, Norton, security essentials, Auto cad, Quickbooks)

Fore sure all your programs and data will not be transfered over for free( usual charges are ($99-$299)

Who will set up your email and programs to work the way you like them?

This is just a short post about why I believe you should always fix your Laptop/Desktop/Mac rather then replace.

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