Many different brands go into making a laptop, Computer or Mac


I get customer that often ask me  when installing new parts in their computer, laptop or mac” Do you use original parts ( HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Gateway, Mac..).  I quickly educate them that their laptop has many different brands that are put together that make up the entire item.

For example: The screens in laptops mainly come from 4 major lcd, LED, screen manufactures.  They are

1) Samsung

2) LG

3) Chi Mei

4) Au Optronics


Wireless/Bluetooth cards installed in your computer mainly come from:

1) Atheros

2) Intel

3) Broadband


4) Video Card/Chips mainly come from

1) Nvidia

2) ATI

3) Intel

4) Samsung


Power supplies in your desktop mainly come from:

1) Antec

2) Adata

3) Cooler master

4) Corsair


Moral of the store is….your laptop just has a name ( HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer..) Stamped on it, In my personal opinion, there is not one single brand better then the other ( For your average of the shelf bought Laptop, Macbook, Desktop)


If you would like more information on different laptop, Mac or Desktop manufactures you can visit Wikipedia at:




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